Tobacco International Holdings U.S.A., Inc. is a recently formed Company, operating from the Miami-Dade area to cover the U.S. domestic market as well as the growing demand of other international markets, and is in charge of the Worldwide brand development.


"Ali Tobacco" is the newest facility of the GROUP fully equipped with modern technologies and brand new cigarette lines, targeting to cover growing demand from the international customers and being positioned in EU which gives outstanding opportunities logistics wise to meet customer’s expectations from EMEA region.

Company founded in London England, was conceived with the purpose of certifying the quality of both the raw materials with which our products are made as well as said finished products, being faithful observer of the processes used both for the acquisition of raw materials, the preparation of the product and the forms and procedures for its distribution and sale, having to go through high quality standards so that said company can stamp its seal of fulfillment in the quality it demands, in each one of the packs that are produced by BRAXICO MANUFACTURING, MEXICO AND ALI TOBACCO, SPAIN and distributed by our sales force.

To certify the products, a label attached to each one of the packs produced in unforgetable golden color is used, with the distinctive DONTABAKO legend that gives us the security of the quality of the product and the confidence of having in our hands a 100% original product. The company is the only one of its kind in the cigarette industry that participates in Mexico.

In this company, people with a lot of experience and knowledge participate in each of the inputs that are used to make a pack of cigarettes, since they are involved to certify said materials, experts who have a great curriculum and experience in each subject.


It is conceived since 2010 as the possibility of manufacturing cigarettes in Mexico independently, in order to compete with monopolistic transnational companies in the tobacco sector and the cigar industry, taking advantage of all the possibilities and facilities that our country It grants to its national companies, all the above with the purpose of being able to take to the clients new, different products, elaborated with the highest quality but with the fairest price.

Braxico is the first Fabrica to be able to offer its clients private brands of cigarettes for exclusive sale, directing said products to commercial chains of massive distribution of Tobacco products, obtaining great benefits by offering an exclusively high quality product with a percentage of much greater profit, than with the sale of tobacco products that are currently marketed and provided by the usual monopolistic companies.

Quality, Price and Taste

Tobacco International Holdings Switzerland, SA